10 Easy Steps to Enhance Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the second most popular room in the home. Besides the living room or kitchen, more people come through the bathroom more than any other room, whether it be to take a bath, wash their hands or if you are like me, to do some light reading.

In any case, you might want to enhance your bathroom and make it more appealing by following these 10 easy steps.

Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom faucet running water black and white photo

Choose the right style of faucet for your bathroom. There is an amazingly wide range of different shapes, styles, and finishes available to satisfy any nitpicking perfectionists. Besides the budget you need to consider a couple of other elements:

  • Faucet Type –  If you are not replacing the sink as well matching the sink holes is important. Check if it’s a single-hole or the three-hole sink that accommodates center set faucets.  It’s important to distinguish center set piece from the widespread faucets have three separate pieces as both are three-hole assemblies.  Wall mounted faucets are also quite a popular choice.
  • Faucet Finish – Don’t let the incredibly vast amount of finishing options startle you. Everything from black ceramic, brushed chrome to gold finish is available. Just pick what you catches your eye as even the cheap faucets have protective sealer coats.
  • Faucet Style – All manufacturers use well-known designers to create mind-boggling shapes and styles. Functional features include pull-down sprayers and spout style like the high-clearance gooseneck faucets. Try to incorporate it with the rest of you bathroom aesthetics.
  • Optional features – Your faucet might include a feature that is a key point in the final faucet selection- motion activation, added sanitation system, laminar flow, and aerators.

There’s no perfect faucet. Just go about this with these few factors in mind and you will make the right choice.

Replace Your Medicine Cabinet with a Fancy Mirror

Frameless mirrors can give the illusion of a large space to any bathroom.

To refreshen your bathroom you might consider replacing the vanity or the medicine cabinet with frameless mirrors. They add the illusion of a large space while adding a modern vibe. Square and rectangular or those with curvy beveled edges different mirror shapes can add a bright, reflective touch to your bathroom. Then at that point, you can paint the wall around the mirror of you can use a wooden frame if you choose to. Medicine cabinets are very bulky and they do take away from the bathroom. Later on, we can figure out where to put your cosmetics and medicines.

Replace Your Bathroom Sink

One of easy steps to spruce up a bathroom is to replace the bathroom sink

This is a matter of preference, some people like their sinks but if your sink is on the older site and is stained with mildew and hard water stains, it might be time to replace it.

Here are some options to consider:

  • Bathroom size – Space should be the main determinant for the sink shape which can be round, oval, rectangle or dissymmetric. Certain designs are supposed to fit into corners while others need large amounts of space. If you are looking for a space saver keep your eye on pedestal or wall hung sinks. When storage is on your mind, chew over picking a vanity mounted sink.
  • Type of sink – Pedestal, under and above counter, vessel, corner or wall mounted sinks; all types have their uses. Think through what fits your bathroom the best.
  • Material – Usually sinks can be found in a wide range of materials such as cast polymer, enameled cast iron, and steel, copper, glass, and stone.

Whether you decide on a plain old traditional or crazy shaped modern sink make sure it matches the faucet. Don’t put a large gooseneck faucet on a tiny sink. You don’t want to be completely soaked every time you wash your hands. Also, check if the sink holes match the faucet type you picked.

Install New Vanity Units

Vanity units come in a range of differentr shapes and sizes.It’s possible to purchase new bathroom vanity bases and tops and have them assembled in a couple of hours. Before shopping make sure that you measure your space and buy a fitting vanity that does not interrupt the flow of the room. From 24” to 72” in width, contemporary or modern, double sink or none. Choices are endless.

Hideaway Your Unmentionables

If you decided to remove the medicinal cabinet in favor of a mirror the next thing you want to do is place a stylish and small sizes basket, chest or container under the sink vanity. This is where you can keep the unmentionables and medication from a medicine cabinet. Choose something small in stature that does not take up much space.

Replace your Lighting Fixtures

The key to your new and improved bathroom is using plenty of overhead and area targeted lighting to keep that clean bright look. Set up some fixtures on both sides of the mirror that focus on the vanity area. Installing some light dimmers is also great for those long baths your wife loves.

Common mistake people do is not having enough light or unevenly placed fixtures that distort illumination. Make sure that the fixtures you choose are the right size in relation to the size of the bathroom. Many people tend to buy a fixture because they like the style but when it comes the time to install it; it’s too big or unfitting for the room.

Take Care of Your Bathroom Tiles

Nice tile liven a dreary bathroom.

Make sure all of your tiles in and around the shower are always clean. Scrub them down with bleach. Make sure you get the grout in the middle of the tiles, that is where mold and mildew settle. Clean often with an industrial cleaner or you can use bleach from the store and dilute with water.

Complete tile replacement will also reinvigorate your bathroom. If you are able to figure out the tiling yourself, your bathroom can have a new look at a more affordable cost.

Refinish /Reline the Bathtub

If your bathtub or shower pan has seen some use, it’s showing those ugly yellow patches, odd cracks, and scratches. Replacing might be too expensive but a well done refinish can fix those cosmetic problems. Fitting solid acrylic liners over your bathtub or shower also know as relining done by a professional is also an option, albeit a more costly one.

Install a Prefab Shower

Previously regarded as a square peg in a round hole of bathroom remodels, premade stalls are now at one’s disposal in all kinds of designs, textures, colors, and materials. An installation of a pre-fabricated shower unit is a cheaper alternative to a tile and tub/shower replacement combo. The assembly lasts mere hours and can be done by any DIY home improver. There are two types to choose from:

  • Interlocking multi-piece unit – Easiest to assemble, parts usually made from acrylic which interlock to make a full unit. Come with a shower pan or a bathtub.
  • One piece unit – Higher cost and difficult to transport and install without expert help, but fewer problems with mold.
  • Wall kit – If you have a functioning shower pan or bathtub you are reluctant to replace consider buying a wall kit. It includes all the parts of a multi-piece bar the tub.

Quick Paint Job

Paint the room with appropriate colors to give it a new look.

We did all this work to enhance our bathroom we might as well get a fresh coat of paint on it. Paint your walls to match the rest of the room design. A new color scheme can completely change the mood of a room. Be careful when picking out a color for your bathroom, since it’s usually the smallest room in a home. Stay with the lighter tones as they keep an illusion of spaciousness.

There is so-called bathroom paint that has mildew resistant properties and a thicker structure but is almost twice as expensive than ordinary paint. It’s true that moisture is the enemy number one of bathroom cleanliness. Unless you already have a severe mold (mildew) problems, you probably don’t need to use mold inhibiting paint.

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