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10 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Reading this you might look over to your windows and think; my windows look fine, no holes in them, I don’t need to replace them but it’s the not so obvious reasons you should worry about. For example, do you find moisture on the inside of your windows? Are they hard to open and close? Can you feel a draft when you put your hand next to the frame?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you might want to replace your windows.

Let's see 10 reasons to replace your old windows.

Safety, efficiency, and privacy are some of the factors that need to be addressed to evaluate if your home needs window replacement. Their main function is to provide natural light to the room but good windows also maintain the temperature in your home, keeping the cold out in the winter and the heat away in the summer. To capture the benefits of windows, it is important to have well sealed, efficient, and double or triple paned glass window.

The benefits of having quality windows are endless, including rebates with the heating company and improved curb appeal and value of your home. Let’s look at great reasons that you may wish to consider when upgrading the windows in your home.

Energy Efficient Windows = Savings

  • Great rebates on window replacements. Rebates from utility companies are given for new, double or triple paned energy efficient windows.  For more information, you can contact your local energy company to obtain specific details on these energy incentives. These incentives could save you hundreds per year.
  • Utility bills become less expensive with good quality windows. A large percentage of older homes still have single-pane windows installed. Old drafty windows have weak insulating properties resulting in greater heat loss. With heating and cooling costs on the rise each year, an installation of new tight-fit energy efficient windows will save on utility costs. reports inefficient windows can increase your utility bills by 10 – 25%. No point losing money, right?

Health & Safety Issues

  • Cracked and broken windows are dangerous. Even more dangerous once winter arrives, as the glass becomes brittle and cold. If you have children in the home, they are in great danger if they play or sleep in a room with old windows. Further concerns are the drafts that old windows cause, as well as the potential illnesses these drafts can cause your family members.
  • Many old windows are made of dangerous materials. In the olden days, they were commonly painted with paint based on lead and we all know that is not healthy for you. Various wood treatment chemicals (coal tar creosotes and arsenic) used to increase the lifespan are quite toxic. Upgrading not only reduces bills and increases the curb appeal, but it may also protect your health.
  • Inefficient windows leaks. Old windows also may mean old sealing. This allows water to accumulate behind the walls and out of your sight creating mold and mildew – putting your family and your home in danger. Mold can spread quickly throughout your entire home, and it has the potential to be life-threatening. It will also lead to a more expensive to repair problem down the line.
  • Protect your room from sunlight. Sun emits ultraviolet rays that fade your furniture, carpets, wood, art, and can harm any other organic material including you. Newer window glass products like laminated glass have a UV filtering coat applied designed to block out as much as 99% of UV rays while still allowing sunlight to come in. Skim through this New York Times piece to see why reducing UV rays is important.
  • Old windows bring many safety concerns. Can everyone at home open and close windows without much effort? With age they can warp and wedge in certain positions, posing a fire hazard. Furthermore during wintertime older windows are known to develop frost on the inside, risking breakage. Sure, it’s something you can fix-but with great prices these days it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Better Aesthetics and New Features

  • New features are available. Industry standards are much higher than before, introducing new features to modern windows. They can eliminate the need for the annual installation of storm windows. Better outdoor noise reduction and diminished light glare can be reasons enough for you to decide to replace your windows.
  • They look better. A great homeowner always has something to improve on his house. Whether you are renovating or painting the outside of your home, newly replaced windows instantly perk up the aesthetics of your house.
  • Environmentally friendly bonus. Windows that are energy efficient use less natural gas, which is most often used to heat homes. Using less natural gas decreases greenhouse gases emitted into the environment, thereby making your home just a bit greener.

Although they can’t last forever, well-crafted, carefully maintained windows can last for at least 20 years and more. If you are simply looking to enhance the safety, security and overall health of your home, new windows offer countless benefits. New windows will increase the value of the home and assist in obtaining a higher resale value, which is critical in today’s real estate market.


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