Home Renovations: Useful vs. Extravagant

If you are planning on doing some home renovations, there are plenty of things you will want to consider. Lots of people end up with home renovation disasters because they jump in too fast and do not take the time to plan what they are doing.

Either that or they watch one too many home improvement DIY shows on HGTV and think they’re Bob Vila. It happens.

By spending time planning before you spend time tearing down and building up, you will be ahead when it comes to both time and money. Don’t assume you can do it all yourself, either. If you are undertaking a big project you might want to get some help with things like plumbing or electrical.

They can really cause a problem if they are not done right.

Also, when I say don’t do it all yourself, that means begrudgingly enlisting the help of your wife (or husband) and kids in this fun little process.


What Do You Really Need Done?

When you start thinking about what kinds of home renovations you want to do, don’t get carried away. Sure, a bar and mini-fridge would be fun in a man-cave, but wouldn’t a nice, clean space that everyone can use be better? You may not think that, but you’re significant other probably will.

If you aren’t realistic about what you plan to do, or you manage to cause damage to something that you were working on, you may find yourself overspending to complete the project. Surely you are aware that getting best for less takes homework, yet you will want to get the most from your home remodeling budget. You can end up behind on your schedule and might render a portion of living space temporarily unusable – obviously neither of which is a good thing.

If you need repairs made to your home and you want to add something to spruce it up and make it better, think about the cost of what you want to do versus the functionality and/or benefit you’ll see. In short, do a small and realistic cost-benefit analysis so you have a better idea of what’s feasible and what isn’t. Even if something sounds like a great idea, you might find that, financially, it’s a poor choice for the long term.

Don’t make changes you aren’t sure about, and that your family isn’t in agreement with.


A Little Extravagance Might Be All Right

If you plan on doing something extravagant, limit it to one thing. In other words, don’t plan to turn your house into a castle.

You don't need to an make your home an extravagant castle.

Do one thing in one room that gives that ‘wow’ factor. If you limit your extravagance you won’t spend as much money or time, and if you need someone to help you with your project you should be able to afford it. That’s good news for anyone who wants to do something grand in his home but doesn’t want to take out a second mortgage to do it.


Small Aesthetic Projects to Kick the Renovation Bug

Here are some things you can do that can help you hold off on doing any major home renovations if you simply aren’t sure that you have the funds.

  • painting your rooms with an opposite color scheme
  • add crown molding
  • install new colorful shelving
  • new door/entryway
  • quick installation of low-cost flooring such as vinyl

All these small colorful changes will help your home feel different and cozy, without spending too much.

People get tired of looking at the same old, which is especially true of ones home. Every so often a serial home improver has a need to change how his/her home appears. Whether it’s a big overhaul or just a series of small renovation projects do not let anyone say to you that remodeling is not worth it. Sure it takes some experience and determination, but with the appropriate motivation and some helpful instructions, the home you envisioned is possible.

Start out small, and appreciate what you’ve done. You can always move on to bigger projects later.

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